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TIFA Working Studios is a multi-disciplinary platform for Creativity and Culture.

The Centre lays the foundation for enriched public interactions among the varied layers of the social fabric to drive local dialogue and engagement through its many events and festivals.

The Residency facilitates experimentation with an atmosphere of collaboration, research & making through critical discussion and feedback.

The Institute is an alternative educational programme designed to promote creative and entrepreneurial thinking. The mentorship module for students provides an innovative learning experience through a unique pedagogical process.

TIFA Working Studios resides in a 1940’s Art Deco style hotel in Pune. Being located in the marked centre of the city, it offers a pulsating urban landscape allowing for strong connects with the community.

The studios at TIFA have a unique layout, where they are interlinked, thus, provide for fluid interaction of areas and association between artists. The architecture reveals small surprises: the nook under the stairs, the wooden bridge on the top floor and the empty elevator shaft swishing in light at every level.

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