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The TIFA Internship Program is a hands-on, Pune-based internship open to students, young professionals and creative minds, looking for a collaborative, interactive space to launch their careers by growing their knowledge and experience around art, design and culture.

As an intern, you will have the opportunity to actively participate in the workings of a community arts and cultural space and implement an event, a program, a design intervention, and a project, from scratch. You will also have access to an industry-specific mentor, in addition to the resources and expertise of the TIFA staff and larger community.


Interns will receive a Certificate at the end of the internship program.



Who are we looking for?
We aren’t looking for just any interns, we need Super-Interns! Hardworking and motivated young individuals with a ‘Let’s do this’ attitude, who are interested in being part of the creative and cultural sector. If that’s you, hop on!

How much time will all the excitement last?
Join us for 6 weeks or 8 months or sometime in between.

Can you intern with no prior experience?
Open-minded, communicative, technology-friendly individuals who have basic knowledge and skill sets related to their chosen sector are welcome. Most importantly, interested and enthusiastic people. Come, come!

Will you be paid?
You shall not slog for free! We’ll give you a stipend at the end of your internship.

Is it a full-time commitment?
Yes, TIFA offers only full-time internship positions. We work together every day and everyone does anything that needs to be done – we’re all team members after all!

What will you do here?

You’ll work on a main project which is your chosen sector for the internship, and assist with everything else we do when you’re here. For a holistic and hands-on experience, come up with and organize an event from scratch. The event can be but is not limited to, a panel discussion, a workshop, an interactive session, a talk, a screening, a performance, or a showcase. But we are encouraging and helpful, not to worry!

Internship perks?

You get access to the resources and expertise of the TIFA staff and the larger community. You’ll get to learn about and experience a wide range of art. You’ll also get to meet, discuss and hang out with exceptional artists from India and internationally.

Can you apply for an internship in more than one sector or in other sectors not mentioned in the list?
We’re open to everyone interested in working with us. Just tell us about your area of expertise and interest, and how you could contribute to TIFA.

Is the opportunity open to international applicants?

Yes! Our doors are open for everyone interested, from Argentina to Zimbabwe.

Does TIFA provide accommodation for interns during their internships?

No, interns are required to find their own accommodation.

Can internships expand into full-time positions at TIFA?
Yes! Ace interns may get offered full-time positions at TIFA. We have an intern alumnus on the team now.

How do you get selected?

A one-page CV including your education, experience, and skills, along with a letter of recommendation leads to an interview, after which we might ask you to come in for a one-day immersive orientation at TIFA so we can understand how you work and assign work accordingly. If that goes well, you have a start date!

If you’re applying for a Film and Design internship, send us your portfolio with your application.

What will you get at the end of your internship?
A stipend, a certificate, and many thank-yous. Once you become an intern here, you’re always a part of the TIFA Community!

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