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TIFA Working Studios is seeking submissions for muralists and painters to exhibit a mural on the rear facade of its 1940s Art Deco-style building.

  • We strongly believe that creativity pushes culture, hence, consistently catalyzes cross-pollination between varied creative practices, pedagogy, and professional explorations. Moreover, our vision of creativity is not centered exclusively on art-based practices. We believe creativity to exist in practices across multiple sectors such as science, technology, economics, history, etc. as well.
    Being located in the marked center of the city, it offers a pulsating urban landscape allowing for strong connections with the community. The mural will be located in a highly visible location at the bustling center and will serve as the backdrop to many community-based arts and culture activities.
    Artists are invited to submit a design along with a description of the proposed mural and a work sample showing the artists’ style.
    TIFA encourages all locally and nationally qualified artists and artists’ teams to apply. This is an unencumbered call open to all qualified artists. The public art design will beautify, activate and enliven not only the building but also the surrounding areas.

We are seeking proposals which:

Explore the heritage themes whilst being visually contemporary in line with our aspiration to create vibrant public space.

Demonstrate the artist/collectives’ experience in delivering large-scale commissions and producing high-quality outcomes with cultural and artistic credibility


Accepting Applications until 30th August 2021


  • Required submission materials for the request for qualifications:

  • A statement about your interest in public art and how it should engage or respond to its environment and the viewer.

  • Annotated image list—10 images with date, title, media, and dimensions of past work including current work. If the images reflect public work include the location of the project and the commissioning agency. Multimedia items (videos or sound clips that describe your work may be included as part of the annotated image list but not exclusively so. 

  • Links to web-based portfolios are encouraged.

  • A selected biography (CV) including current contact information.

  • If working as part of a team, brief resumes of each team member and a description of past experiences working together.

Letters of reference.


All documents in your submission must be PDF and/or PNG only and titled with the name of the artist or artists’ team. Documents may contain support material i.e. links to videos and websites. Please keep submissions to 10 MB. One submission per artist or artists’ team only; multiple submissions will not be considered.


Wall specifications: Width – 537.33 ft  | Height – 667.08 ft

Date of commencement: September 2021

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