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Sangram Sadhale | India

Sangram Sadhale | India

A self taught artist Sango has been practicing various forms of Origami for the last 24 years. He has conducted over 200 workshops in the last four years in many different institutions, primarily for children. Sango uses the techniques of paper folding to innovate its uses and explores its possibilities digitally through his experiments.

When asked about himself, Sango wrote:

Every fold i make,
Every paper I tear,
Changes dimensions,
I'm a folding bear.

Colourful papers
Handling shit with care,
Hundreds of steps,
I'm a folding bear.

Duck loads patience,
To achieve something rare,
Permutations and combinations,
I'm a folding bear.

Sitting in a corner
With a blurred out stare
Happiness in a paper
I'm a folding bear

I sleep when I want
I work in my lair
My name is Sango
And I'm a folding bear

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