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Art Fundraiser | 2024


1st February - 30th March 2024


Art Fundraiser | 2024

Since its inception in 2014, TIFA has been a touchpoint of cultural innovation, a transdisciplinary platform that resonates as a cultural center. As we usher in a new chapter, TIFA proudly presents an Art Fundraiser, an exquisite evening devoted to showcasing national artists.

The Art Fundraiser is a celebration of TIFA's mission to foster creativity, critical dialogue, and global exchange. The showcased masterpieces will be a testament to the ever-evolving context of our cultural landscape, each stroke on canvas narrating a story of tradition, experimentation, and public engagement.//

Join us in shaping the cultural narrative of our landscape and become an active participant in supporting and nurturing the creative legacy that TIFA has ardently cultivated over the years.

Your presence is not just welcomed; it's an integral part of TIFA's journey in elevating art, empowering culture, and shaping the vibrant canvas of India's artistic future. Request Catalogue

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