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2nd - 4th August 2024



CYBERIA, anchored in the cultural heart of Pune, is a pioneering new media art festival that continuously blurs the lines between technology, media, and societal paradigms. With a legacy marked by themes like play and gaming, CYBERIA is a confluence for artists intent on challenging, redefining, and inspiring.

In 2023, at the cusp of numerous societal challenges, from climatic shifts to the intensifying mental health crisis exacerbated by the pandemic, we navigate towards a radiant beacon of hope, captured in our theme: Microtopia.

Curator | Anokhi Shah Core Team Ria Rajan

Quasai Kathawala

Trishla Talera

Ayushi Dubey




Microtopia represents intimate pockets of hope, insight, and connection. While grand utopias often stumble under their ambition, microtopias, with their transient and humble nature, offer ephemeral yet profound moments of respite and connection, reminiscent of Hakim Bey's Temporary Autonomous Zone.This edition, we wish to dive deeper into several areas under the overarching canopy of "Microtopia":

The sensory now: Emphasizing the power of the senses in grounding us in the present. Beyond the traditional five, we're curious about proprioception, interoception, neuroception, and the vestibular sense. How can art engage these senses to establish immediacy and presence?

Mental health & agency: In the shadow of a global mental health crisis, we're seeking works that not only shed light on these challenges but also invoke a profound sense of agency, empowering individuals to navigate and reclaim their mental landscapes.

Empathy & connection: Exploring the realms of genuine connection—with ourselves, fellow beings (both human and non-human), and the environment. Especially pertinent against Pune's rich spiritual legacy, with inspirations drawn from figures like BKS Iyengar and the Osho Ashram.

Subverting tech's role: Art that reimagines technology's purpose, urging it to be an instrument of warmth, sensitivity, and human connection rather than mere efficiency.


Sensory artworks: Creations that immerse the audience, drawing them into the 'here and now', exploring both conventional and unconventional senses.

Narratives of hope & agency: Works that spotlight the mental health challenges of our times but also inspire hope and offer viewers a sense of agency.

Local resonance: Projects that harmonize with Pune's deep spiritual and cultural roots, echoing teachings of luminaries like BKS Iyengar and Osho.

Innovative rech perspectives: Pieces that challenge the transactional nature of technology, infusing it with character, depth, and empathy.


  • We welcome a spectrum of submissions, including but not limited to:

  • Your submission must comprise:

  • Collaborations and collective submissions are especially encouraged


Deadline: 15th November 2023 | 11:55 PM IST

Acceptance: 24th November 2023

Festival Dates: to be announced

Projects which are selected for the festival will be presented with an honorarium

Craft a narrative that's not merely connected by technology, but one that's interlaced with shared dreams, hopes, and collective aspirations. Journey with us through "Microtopia".

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