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Meme Regime | 2018


7th September 2018


Meme Regime | 2018

Anuj Nakade | Curator

Karan Shah | Panelist

Shubhi Dixit | Panelist

Sangram Sadhale | Panelist

Abhinit Khanna | Panelist Memes, by far, are the most democratic form of art in our time; and they have been getting more absurd, referential, cryptic and down right dank as we move ahead in time. Meme Regime aims to understand the cultural phenomenon of memes as an art movement, and make the memes accessible at the same time.The core idea of the project is an attempt to theorize and understand the dynamics of meme trends, definitions and bizzare meme evolutions in detail as well as touch upon the exclusivity, sources, perks, downfalls and boundaries of memes as jokes. The project also attempts to understand why memes circulate in a radial pattern and why some people end up on inner circles while others don’t. A tangential goal of the project is to look back on the history of memes, how consequential the meme culture is to the internet, why memes target the things that they do, and how memes have changed the way we consume media of all kinds.

‘an element of a culture or system of behaviour passed from one individual to another by imitation or other non-genetic means’ - Richard Dawkins


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