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TIFA x India Art Fair


1st - 4th February 2024


TIFA x India Art Fair

TIFA drives the interplay of human ingenuity and intellectual repose by initiating a plunge to merge utopian realities with dance-sync art and technology.

J02, The Studio

Exhibting Artists IOVR Aditi Kulkarni Market Yard Studio Yogesh Ramkrishna

Booth Partners Koy Objectry Stark Logistics Couture Partners Love Birds Varsha Talera Studios


Step into exploring digital horizons where virtual and augmented converge to bridge realities. Nestled within the art-deco curves, come, propagate your imagination. Submit yourself to immerse in the arresting power of creativity, offering a space to rest, revel and rejuvenate. Carved within the space amidst the tactile are the alternate forms of reality intertwined with the embrace of the actual and the virtual. 

Take a moment to pause and delve into pods where Indian creatives conjure dreamscapes. Or step aside and behold the allusive murmur of the analog with generative apparitions. 

Surrender to contemplate the evolving urban landscape and the profound impact of digital mediation on experiences within the city through both grand and intimate connections. Here art, technology, and the urban channel harmonious blend of past and future.

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